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Summer Time Festivals

You may have all been wondering what Flip It TV have been doing over the summer. Well let us fill you in on our crazy but fun packed time so far. It all started out really nicely with us all finishing up college for the summer and then heading off to No Place Like Dome in Sligo.There is videos up on our YouTube page of this small but mega festival, so make sure to check it out. We had a bit of a break before our next lot of festivals so in the mean time we recruited some new members who you all will get to meet soon on our spanking new website. For now let us welcome, Ruth Madia, Liam O’Connor and Steve Boland to the Flip It TV family. Thanks to our new additions we are now able to cover a bit more ground and bring you guys more coverage of festivals and gigs from around Ireland and more specifically Limerick. 

The next festival we covered was Limericks very own Bump! which takes place in Clonlara, Co. Limerick. This techno festival is in it’s second year and is definitely one to watch as the acts get bigger. With us already looking forward to what the organizers are going to bring next we are happy to be part of something so new and exciting. Now to say the least we had an epic time at Bump! with some of us (ok so maybe all of us) worse for wear after just the first day! We did solider on though and got some great live footage as well as interviews with DJ’s such as Koan Sound, Throwing Snow, Inigo Kennedy, Oslo Flows and June Miller. This have yet to be put on our YouTube but will be up in the coming weeks. We suggest you check out Throwing Snow who was one of our highlights of the festival. Overall the festival had a good, relaxed vibe and next year they are going to make it bigger than ever. Oh and the toilets were the cleanest by far! 

We didn’t have much time to rest as literally right after Bump! we were at Indiependence Festival which is on in Mitchelstown, Cork. Yes for those out there it’s the home of that famous cheese. The festival itself has been going since 2006 and only started out as free gigs in and around Mitchelstown itself. Over the years it has grown to a 5000 strong festival going capacity. This is what the larger festivals are trying to be. Some of the acts this year included Ash, Therapy?, Editors, Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobios Pip, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, The Minutes, And So I Watch You From Afar, Whipping Boy, Dead School, and Ham Sandwich! These are only the ones we can remember right now! Such an impressive line up! While the camping area was a bit squashed and they had to open up another field for the surge of campers that arrived on Saturday, it did not take away from the fun everyone was having, although the toilets did. Lets just say you had to stuff tissue up your nose before heading in there.

Getting interviews with bands proved to be easy enough especially with them hanging around the bar and watching other acts. We got to talk to many many bands and make some great friends. While we did do an interview with one particular band no less than 3 times, we can’t fault them as they are a mad laugh. Mike from Drop-D.ie was lucky enough to interview one of his long time favorite bands Ash. This interview was done right after TG4 got them and so we pretty much stole their set for our next two interviews. They didn’t seem to mind much which was grand but you might have already seen the tippee’s we shnacked off of them to use as our back drop for Ash and Whipping Boy. We did actually get to interview Therapy? who were only just lovely and gave us so much of their time, and they also missed The Minutes gig, who they were hoping to see. Sorry guys but we did do a great interview with The Minutes also and even set off some lanterns into the sky as it was the lads last gig for a few weeks after a long tour around Ireland. Lets just say, gin was drunk, merch was bought and apples were thrown. At the after party on the Sunday night, (and here we’re not going to mention too much) we got to witness some great dancing and boisterous antics from some usually quiet bands and a conga line started by Miracle Bell, not just once but twice, also we should mention that the drummer was on crutches, so the conga line was a bit slower than usual. One of us even got into a philosophical debate with a member of Whipping Boy. All in all a great festival although the toilets and some of the security staff did let them down. We will definitely venture there next year, hopefully with more stories to tell. 

Just to round up our festival going we are heading to Electric Picnic, where we will only just being going for the mad laugh and shhhnnaarree.  We have been trying to win tickets and if any of you saw us running like crazy women today around Limerick it was because of this very reason! Check out Electric Ireland and you’ll see what we mean. 

Oh yeah p.s. what is up with the surly weather in Limerick today?  

Much Love and as always you can find all out interviews on our YouTube channel:


Ali, Olivia and all the Flip It TV Crew! :) 





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