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Two Door Cinema Club’s new single Sleep Alone. 

Run above a bar in Limerick city by Ray Fennely and Fintan Moloney, it’s gaining popularity every day. Bringing you new and exciting tunes from around the globe, this radio station is sure to take off! :) 

The Garden and Maraschino Bar, Zadar, Croatia

First stop in Croatia and we head to Zadar. One of the first things we notice here is how SOUND the people are…its nice to be somewhere people act the same as we do at home. Last night we checked out a place called THE GARDEN. Everyone we met was telling us this was the place to be, and  I can see why. We arrived and ordered a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea which was strong enough to knock the head off a Kerry man. House choons playing in the background but not the place to be if you want a dance and a laugh. Excellent mixing though…the dj knew his crowd. We would have stayed there longer with the promise of good drink and music had the place not finished at 1am so on the dj’s advice we ventured over to the MARASCHINO CLUB…open to 5am. Situated on the extremely chic docs/waterfront across from the old town lies Maraschino bar/club and this is the place to be if you want to dance into the early hours. An excellent club with amazing views over the waterfront boasting a nice soundsystem, good resident djs and warm and friendly bar staff…not to mention a sound out resident house cat! When in Zadar do The Garden and Maraschino.

Dali out



Stop Making Sense, Croatia (making perfect sense)

  • You know you’re at a pretty lavish foreign festival when a water taxi arrives to whisk you off to a private beach which is to play host to this year’s Stop Making Sense festival in Tisno in Croatia. I’ll have me some of that thank you very much!
    After hearing the rumors of Croatia having a pretty serious dance and electronica scene we decided to investigate these claims a little further. Being thrown onto the scent by a group of Croatian esteemed techno promoters and label known as ‘Machine Whisperer’ we made the decision to up stakes and travel our way around Croatia for the Summer of 2012 just to see what al the fuss is about. 
    After ploughing through the multitude of festivals available to the novice music lover such as ‘Dimensions Festival’ and ‘Outlook’ to name but two, one of the big hitters on our to-do list this Summer is without a doubt hitting up ‘Stop Making Sense’. This particular festival was born back in 2010 and featured headliner sets from artists such as Carl Craig and Subclub (Glasgow) in 2011. This year it’s back and it’s bigger than ever before with an inspired line-up featuring heavy hitters such as Jimmy Edgar, Dark Sky, Secretsundaze and one of my personal favorites, George Fitzgerald.
    Boat Parties with pumping choons and blasting sun is just one of the extras on offer, and if you tend to get a bit sea sick one can always opt for some early morning beachside Yoga to ease your way into the day’s musical anarchy. 
    As your Irish correspondents for Croatia 2012, we’ll be giving you the lowdown throughout the Summer months on this festival and others alike. Doing the legwork so you don’t have to!
    If this sounds like your cup of tea and you fancy traveling a little bit further for a little bit more check out the Stop Making Sense Website, here: http://stopmakingsense.eu/

  • stopmakingsense.eu
    On the beautiful Croatian coastline, halfway between Zadar & Split, lies Tisno and The Garden: a magical secluded bay with its own private beach and on site accommodation. Welcome to paradise!

Phil Source @ Macronite, Dolan’s Warehouse, 9th June

When the sun goes down, the gain fires up.

The afternoon proved to be a fruitful one. Sunshine, barbequed burgers, cans in a bright back garden. On the vine, suckling grapes blush in the balsam glow of summer.

As the sun ascends towards that unreachable vault, we find ourselves at the final night in the season as Macronite takes its leave for the summer break with little intention of going gentle into that good night. Instead, the warehouse tonight plays host to its final bacchanalia, which has been left in the more than capable hands of Source Direct head honcho Phil Source in what promises to be a firecracker of a set, who tonight will focus on the finer old school classics the label has to offer.

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Chrons Stock 2012, Mogeely, Co. Cork

While driving through Middleton in what can only be described as the fattest rain I have ever seen I turned to my festival comrade, begging him to pull over for more booze and the prospects of purchasing a cheap rain jacket. I was clearly not dressed for the occasion, having left sunny Limerick wearing merely a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and my dancing tackies. This could be an absolute wash out I thought to myself, however never folks to let a splash of water get in the way of the shneer we drove onwards and upwards (or downwards?) to a little place called Mogeely in Co.Cork, took an extremely sharp right and found ourselves spiraling down into what can only be described as this amazing little valley packed with pumping choons.

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Olivia Interviews Ilenkus 

Lough Weekend, Waterville, Co. Kerry Part III


It is a far, far better thing to hang out in a room that’s too warm than too cold. The heating has been on since last night from what I can tell and the room is nice and toasty on this Sunday morning. I’ve dropped down here for a few moments to myself, having earned the Nobel Prize for Sessioning, along with some of my cohorts and close friends on the second floor. Simon, my roommate for the weekend, has returned from one of his excursions around the hotel with a slice of toast. Breakfast is going on at the moment, I’m informed, although at this stage in the weekend I’ve little interest in eating.

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Lough Weekend 2012, Waterville, Co. Kerry Part II

It’s a cold morning in this wing of the hotel. The kind of morning where it’s so cold you know that throwing off the bed covers is tantamount to committing suicide. The throbbing headache that has chosen to rack my ailing brain justifies the hyperbolic tendencies of my previous statement… Christ, it’s probably too early in the morning for so many big words in one sentence… and looking at the time on my watch, I find it’s still just 10:30AM. Lying there and in no mood to get out of the bed just yet, I recall last night’s events.

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Lough Weekend 2012, Waterville, Co. Kerry

To Shiv,

Without whose consideration this would not have been possible

The road threads through the coarse and beautiful terrain of south-west Kerry, ditches and stubby bridges over babbling brooks amid a crown of steep and brooding foothills. With each twist we are travelling into some place away from itself and with a yawning bend, we find ourselves skating along the rim of that coastline here at the end of the world. The Dingle peninsula juts into the north Atlantic and with each revolution, the coast opens its gaping maw even wider; the horizon bending around the water’s edge.

We are beyond Time here having reached this splendid little Berghof, nestled between the sea and a dream. Getting out of the bus, which has been travelling now for a lifetime, the first thing one notices is the harbour; giving way to a headland several kilometres away. The hotel itself is a three storey affair the colour of Thousand Island dressing and presides out over this especially pleasant view.

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Ali Daly talks to Rest 

Northern Structures @ Dolans, Sunday May 6th

It was a bank holiday.

I went dancing.

On the previous Friday, Nathan Fake launched any amount of sophisticated remixes out of the Pavilion’s sound system.

On Saturday I recovered.

Now, having spent a particularly enjoyable Sunday evening throwing Techno out of a nice, reliable pair of KRK’s, I find myself back in the rather salubrious surroundings of Dolan’s warehouse.  Niki’s grinding out some especially pleasant Techno (insofar as Techno can be pleasant!) and I find myself embedded right in the heart of another night of daring escapades, this time with things presided over by Danish Drum&Bass duo-turn- Industrial Techno whizz kids Northern Structures.

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99 Reasons to Visit Limerick

Woman Crossing O'Connell St, Limerick taken by Ryan Nickel

Image by Ryan Nickel  

Last week, while riffling through the Internet, as I normally do, I came across and article by Totally Dublin titled, 200 Reasons Not to Leave Dublin. I began to read it with mild interest but slowly and surely it began to irk me; I only got as far as number 30 before I was actually annoyed.

The article named various things and places about Dublin that it wanted to promote but seemed to fail to realize that the only things truly unique to Dublin, that it had listed, were physical landmarks.

Things like Guinness, Chippers, Viking Settlements, Deli Counters, Rugby are examples of reasons to stay in Ireland, not just Dublin, and I’m sorry but The Rubberbandits and Vincent Browne are from Limerick!

A mate of mine attempted to talk me down, she said informed me that the article was simply an update from an earlier 1980’s article on immigration but it got me thinking. Many Dublin natives generally disregard the rest of the country, seeing as they are natives of the capital, they have most of everything at their fingertips.

They fail to realize that Ireland, in all her glory is a remarkable place. I, a Limerick man, know my city well and am proud to be associated with her, I decided to write up my own piece on my city in hopes that people, the world over, would see that Ireland is not just Dublin, but a vast nation filled with many wonderful places, features, landmarks and people.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dublin and have lived there in the past and chances are if I decide to settle in Ireland, Dublin will be my future permanent home and this isn’t a depressing idea at all but I implore the rest of the country to travel within its boundaries. Ireland is a vibrant place and places like Limerick have so much to offer, so here I’ve decided to list my 99 Reasons to Visit Limerick. Enjoy.


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Interview with Crayonsmith

Cabin in the Woods Review

Cabin in the Woods written by Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon couldn’t wholly be classified as a horror film, which is what I thought it was initially, instead, in true Whedon style, it blends elements of horror, comedy and the supernatural into a completely unique and imaginative solid script which unfortunately cant be discussed in too much detail without giving away the main premise of the movie, all I can say its that it’s pretty meta. Think comedy television show Community mixed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer seamlessly blended with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead or Drag Me to Hell.

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